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The COBS Difference

What’s the COBS Difference anyways?

We bake fresh in-house all day, every day, and when we close our doors, we donate our leftover baked goods to local charities. The next morning, we start fresh. Let’s toast to being different.

How do you bake all your products fresh every day?

We have passionate bakers in every community that start between midnight and 4AM to ensure you have fresh baked bread and treats for when you walk in those doors. Our bakers start at the crack of dawn until late in the afternoon so you know the day you bought it is the day we baked it.

Is everything made in the bakery?

Yes! Everything is made right in your local bakery which is why our bakers start so early. From our Sunflower Flax Sourdough to our Cinnamon Bun, our bakers have a schedule that guarantees you get fresh product that was made right in our bakery, with the hands of our bakers.

What makes your baked goods different?

Besides getting to say we bake fresh in the bakery every day, it’s the pride we take when sourcing our ingredients. We want to make sure that you not only have the freshest bread and treats, but the best for you.

We ethically source all our ingredients from around the globe. It starts more than a year before you see the product on our shelves where we start by sourcing the best ingredients, testing various recipes, going to a trial using our Test Bakery network, and then launching the product to every bakery in every community. Take our LowFOD™ Loaf as an example (link to this product)! This product lifecycle started over 2 years before we formally launched it in August of 2019. We partnered with a supplier that believed in the same values as us, became certified by Monash University (link), went to a trial at our 16 Test Bakeries, then launched it with a formal educational component partnering with a Registered Dietician. Two years later, we have one of the most unique products on the market that helps those with digestive issues fall in love with bread again!

What’s the most unique product in your line-up?

You already know one of them if you read this far!

Our LowFOD™ Loaf is one of our most unique products. It’s the first freshly baked bread that’s low in FODMAPs in Canada. We created it since we saw the demand for a bread that’s easier to digest that still tastes like – wait for it – bread! We wanted you to say good-bye to those breads that taste like cardboard found in the freezer aisle and hello to a bread that’s made fresh in every bakery that should help those with digestive issues when it comes to eating bread.

Next up: Our Sourdough line-up – and specifically our Sunflower Flax Sourdough. Not many bread makers can say they make Sourdough the traditional way using a natural levain starter over a 20 hour time period. We know there’s a lot of short cuts when it comes to making bread and we don’t want to take any of them. That’s why you get the best tasting Sourdough that has been properly fermented. Then, we add sunflower and flax seeds to it for an added boost of nutrition and deliciousness.

Finally: our Cinnamon Bun. If you tried it, you know it. If you haven’t, run to your local bakery. We hand-roll our sweet dough with cinnamon sugar every day, bake it, then top it with cream cheese icing. Enough said.