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Without Compromise

Finding things that are healthy and that your family will eat can be a bit of challenge. Sometimes it’s a trade-off between something healthy, and something less so. With COBS nutritious loaves, it doesn’t have to be. Our sandwich loaves are free of preservatives, dairy, and added sugar.


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Straight A Sandwiches

Try our nutritious delicious sandwich loaves, like our Higher Fibre Loaf. Here’s a lesson in Breaducation™! Our Higher Fibre Loaf has the flavour and texture of our White Loaf, and with added nutritional benefit of 4x the fibre, it will keep you and your family full for longer! This is bread that will pass your test, and theirs.

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Simple, wholesome, and lunch-worthy

Our Country Grain Loaf has 8 grains and seeds for added fibre and protein. Enjoy the nutty flavour of toasted grains and seeds for a nutritious loaf that doesn’t skimp on flavour. This loaf is full of wholesome ingredients you don’t have to go back to school to recognize.

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Tasty, Fresh Bread Baked Daily

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