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Bacon and Avocado Breakfast Burger Recipe

Time: 15-30 Minutes Serves: 4

This hands-off bacon and avocado breakfast burger is our new favourite way to do Sunday brunch. Made with our extra tasty Gourmet Hamburger Bun, there are only a few steps needed to bake this burger.

Optional add-ons to take your breakfast burgers to the next level!

  • Alfalfa sprouts would be great to top your breakfast burger with.
  • Other sauces, whether you’re into hot sauce, BBQ sauce, chipotle mayo, this burger is ready for any and all of them!
  • Cheese is always a good idea too. If you are adding cheese, we recommend adding a slice to the top bun and adding this to the oven until the cheese gets nice and gooey.

Bacon and Avocado Breakfast Burger FAQ

What is a typical breakfast burger? 

A typical breakfast burger consists of hamburger buns, eggs and bacon. Additionally, might include a grilled or fried patty (usually beef, but sometimes sausage or bacon), topped with breakfast-inspired ingredients such as fried or scrambled eggs, cheese, bacon or sausage, and may include additional toppings like lettuce, tomato, or avocado 

Is it OK to eat a burger for breakfast?

A breakfast burger can be a perfect start to your day, especially if it’s a delicious bacon and avocado breakfast burger. With crispy bacon, creamy avocado and delightful Gourmet Hamburger Buns, it combines satisfying flavours to enjoy your breakfast burger.

What is a good breakfast to make in the morning?

In the morning, there are several great breakfast options to consider. You can make scrambled eggs with veggies, prepare overnight oats, enjoy a filling breakfast burger, have avocado toast, or blend a nutritious smoothie. Choose the option that suits your taste and dietary preferences for a satisfying start to the day.