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Behind the Bread – Kelly Hodgins at COBS Centennial Village

by Local Marketing | Jul 09, 2013

Since joining the COBS family, Kelly Hodgins has been learning the ropes and gearing up to open her very first business (and our very first bakery) in Okotoks, Alberta at Centennial Village this August.  

"No matter what the challenge, Kelly is always smiling. This never fails to amaze me!" says Michelle, our Calgary Area Manager.

We hope you enjoy getting to know Kelly and much as we have.

When did you join the COBS Bread family and what inspired you to do so?

I joined the COBS family on May 12, 2011 and did so because it has always been my dream to own my own business. My grandfather owned his own business and my great grandfather owned two businesses - one of which was the Innisfail bakery.

What did you do before working at COBS?

Prior to COBS, I worked for McDonald’s from 1980-2011. It was my first job! I started on the front counter and worked my way up through the ranks. When I left I was a Multi-Unit Restaurant Manager. I also tried a couple other jobs for short periods: Pizza Hut, My Favorite Ice Cream Shop and the Royal Bank Data Center.

What do you enjoy the most about becoming a Franchisee?

I am really excited about and looking forward to developing my team and sharing great bread with new customers.

Which charities will your bakery donate end of day products to?

We are currently looking for charities for our End of Day Giving program. If you’re interested, please email me at

How are you planning on getting involved with Okotoks community?

We are looking forward to supporting local charities and upcoming events in the city. So far, we have plans to be at the Summer Street Festival on August 31 as well as The Christmas Festival on November 1 & 2.

A little more about you…

If you could invite three people to dinner who would they be?

Since I only have childhood memories of my great grandfather and grandfather’s businesses and as I have been lucky to have received many pieces of business memorabilia, I would love to have a dinner with these men to talk about how they did business in their time and to learn about their triumphs and challenges.

And the third would be my mother who would be very proud of what I am doing.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

We have a blended family of seven; we have five kids ages 12-19 (3 boys, 2 girls). We really cherish family time with our immediate and extended family and like being involved with the kids’ activities. We also like to travel.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

When I was growing up, I always wanted to be a teacher. Even though I’m not a classroom teacher, I get to be a teacher at COBS. I teach a lot of young people how to be responsible in the work place; I’d like to think I’m a good teacher of new job skills for many employees.

Breadhead and Kelly share a chuckle!


  1. 1 Lee-Anne 09 Aug
    I visited your bakery today and tried the Chia Seed Fruit Bread.  It is to die for.  Congratulations on your new business!
  2. 2 Alma-Louise 01 Aug
    Congrats Kelly!!!!!All the best have a great opening and wishing you as much success as you can handle ( a lot!). I will be by to see the new store soon. All my best wishes.
  3. 3 Joanne Mack 31 Jul
    Congratulations!  Looking forward to trying your fresh bread products, this is just what this town needed :)  My friend Annie and I will be spreading the word!
  4. 4 Jim Maloney 25 Jul
    Congrats Kelly! Wishing you and Lee the BEST!!
  5. 5 Angela Kephart 25 Jul
    Congratulations on your new franchise!!!  I know you will be highly successful as you set out on your own.  COBS - awesome product!
  6. 6 Renne 24 Jul
    Finally a bakery in Okotoks, it was really needed, way to go Kelly, best of luck
  7. 7 Monica 22 Jul
    So proud and excited to be a part of the new and delicious Cobs in Okotoks!!  Can`t wait to get started!!!
  8. 8 adena Paget 10 Jul
    My Roomie and I are excited about this.  We have been driving into Calgary from High River for our Cobs Bread because we love it so much!!  May you be "flooded"
     with business and we will be there for sure!
  9. 9 Diana Festejo 10 Jul
    Kelly is a fantastic and one smart cookie!!  When I was working Corp with McDonalds Restaurants of Canada - I needed to do ongoing operations and human resources audits on her locations - she always scored high and I'm VERY proud of her next adventures.  Kelly will be a terrific asset to the COBS brand, strong advocate for employment and I wish her all the best!! 
    Diana Festejo - CEO Diakonos Retreat Society (
  10. 10 Robin Bruner 10 Jul
    Best of luck on this new venture! We are very happy to have COBS in our neighbourhood. 
  11. 11 Wendy 09 Jul
    YAY -  I love COBS bread
  12. 12 Christine 09 Jul
    Very excited!  Love Cobs!!
  13. 13 Elizabeth Pitura 09 Jul
    Where is Centennial Village?


    Hi Elizabeth,

    COBS Centennial Village is located at 31 Southridge Drive in Okotoks.

    COBS Bread
  14. 14 Joan Dobbie 09 Jul
    We are so excited for you and to have a bakery here in Okotoks. We wish you all the luck in this world. Good for you!!!!
  15. 15 Lorraine Brown 09 Jul
    Way to go Kelly, so proud of you! Can't wait for COBS to be in Okotoks, I can smell it already!