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The New Maple Scroll - Made with Real Canadian Maple

by Yvonne Y | Nov 06, 2013

For the first time this November, COBS Bread has launched its Maple Scroll to Canadians. Made with real 100% Canadian Maple, it is a delectable treat for the sweet tooth!


Despite being in a country whose flag abashedly boasts the maple leaf, COBS Bread faced a challenge sourcing the amount of maple required to produce their new Maple Scroll in 77 bakeries nationwide.

“We contacted over 20 maple farms in Northern Ontario and Quebec,” says Harry Kool, Senior Property, Supply and Project Manager of COBS Bread. “They all said that they would not be able to provide COBS with what we needed, until we called Thompson Maple Products.”


Thompson’s Maple Products is one of the largest maple producers in Ontario and has won World Championship Awards for their maple syrup. “This was the largest maple sugar order I had ever received,” Mr. Thompson says. “It took me a little bit of work, but I reached out to a fellow farmer, and together, we were able to meet the demand.”

COBS Bread is hopeful they will be able to offer the Maple Scroll seasonally. This year, it is available at bakeries until November 28th- get them warm, and get them often while they are here!

Fun Maple Facts:

  • In the month of November, COBS Bread will use approximately 3600 lbs of Maple Sugar to produce Maple Scrolls for its 77 locations in AB, BC and ON.
  • It takes 40L of sap to make 1L of maple syrup.
  • Up to 20,000 gallons of sap can be collected in one day.

If you could pick our next new product, what would it be?