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Creatively Healthy "Barely Eggs Benedict."

by Yvonne Y | Feb 03, 2014

Barely Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict is a classic breakfast that is so delicious, we don’t care about the calories or amount of butter involved. When you want one, you know what you’re getting yourself into. For some of us, if we could, we would eat it every day. But in most cases, that just isn’t really an option when trying to maintain a balanced diet.

The other day, I was really craving an Eggs Benedict. That said, I didn’t have all of the ingredients required to make one. (Probably for the best!) So, I improvised with what I had in my kitchen. Instead of an English muffin, I had a few slices of Cape Seed. Instead of hollandaise, I had a choice of Havarti (for a minor indulgence!) or Feta cheese.  I added a few other personal taste flourishes and was extremely satisfied with my creation!

Below is the recipe for my “Barely Eggs Benedict.”


1 egg

One slice of Roma tomato (optional)

1 slice COBS Cape Seed bread

1 slice of cheese (feta, cheddar, or Havarti)

1 tsp mayonnaise


Poach one egg in boiling water until cooked to desired runny-ness. (Standard is somewhere between soft and medium.) Meanwhile, toast slice of COBS Cape Seed bread. When finished toasting, spread on mayonnaise. Add slice of tomato. Place egg on top of tomato and cover with cheese. If you would like the cheese to melt a bit, broil in oven for one minute on top rack (not too long, or you’ll over-cook your egg!) Last but not least... enjoy!

How have you made some of your favourite dishes creatively healthy?


  1. 1 Yvonne from COBS Bread 18 Feb
    That sounds delicious, Margaret!
  2. 2 Louise 04 Feb
    Sounds like a great idea.
    I might try it.--soon
  3. 3 margaret 04 Feb
    Eggs Benmargaret
    2 chive/cheese scones   sliced in half and toasted
    2 poached eggs   one on each scone
    2 tbsp fresh salsa    on top of each egg
    sprinkle  some grated cheese
    piece of cilantro

    bon appetite!