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Contest Winners from "Take a Piece of Europe Home"

by Yvonne Y | Oct 08, 2014

In June, we held a contest in the west to win a Vespa and in the east, to win a $3,000 travel voucher. Without further ado, we are excited to present you with the winners of the contest. We asked them to share a little bit about themselves and what winning these “pieces of Europe” means to them.

Lilianne Thivierge, Winner of $3,000 Travel Voucher
COBS Michael Angelo’s Marketplace (Mississauga, ON)

Lilianne, a long-time COBS Bread customer says this was the perfect time for her to win this prize. In late June, Lilianne found out after a recent battle with stage four cancer that she was cancer-free.
Given that she is saving for retirement and travelling is expensive, she will now be able to take the trip she has been dreaming of.

Congratulations, Lilianne!

Click here for the news release.

JJ Wytrwal, Winner of Vespa
COBS Shelbourme (Victoria, BC)

JJ is a Camosun College student and was ecstatic to win. “I thought it was a joke,” says JJ. “I literally said to my partner the day before how nice it would be if I just won a vehicle. I didn’t really believe I had won until I received confirmation from the bakery.” JJ has been a long-time COBS Bread customer at the Shelbourne bakery. 
We are so thrilled for JJ!

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Beverly Blanken, Winner of Vespa
COBS Summit (Kamloops, BC)

Beverley is a Community Support worker, a resident of Kamloops for over 40 years, and the proud parent of three grown sons and four grandchildren. “I can’t wait to tell my grandchildren” says Beverley, “I am going to tell them grandma is going to go dirt biking with them!” Beverley entered the contest as she was purchasing her favourite COBS loaf, the Apricot Delight Log.

We hope Beverly and her grand children have years of fun with the Vespa!

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Holly Elke, Winner of Vespa
COBS Country Hills (Calgary, AB)

Holly almost missed out on winning because she was away on holidays. Bill Delay, the local owner of COBS Country Hills, knew Holly was one of his customers and insisted to the COBS Marketing Team that they should extend the contest deadline until he could reach her. The whole bakery was excited when they found out she was a winner. She’s a part of the bakery family and we are thrilled that she gets to take a piece of Europe home with her Vespa!

Click here for the news release.

Stay tuned for more contests from COBS and thank you everyone who participated!