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How To Eat Turkish

by Yvonne Y | Jun 05, 2015

Turkish Bread is a unique, versatile and most importantly, extremely flavourful bread that is made to share. To start, we've broken it down:

And here is some inspiration to help you eat it:

Top it with smoked salmon, capers, red onion, drizzled with lemon....

Toast it, then top it with avocado, goat cheese, onion and seeds.

Slice it up and top it with brie or your other favourite cheese, or dip into bruschetta or hummus.

How do YOU eat it? Let us know!


  1. 1 L. Turner 05 Jun
    I love it as is or dipped in humus!
  2. 2 Leeann 05 Jun
    Wonderful bread! Thanks for the suggestions. Have been eating for years
  3. 3 Marg Ryall 05 Jun
    Right out of the bag, on my drive home!