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Behind the Bread: Ola and Nike of the COBS Bread Kensington in Calgary

by Yvonne Y | Sep 29, 2016

This is a very exciting time for the COBS Bread family. On Wednesday, October 12th, Nike and Ola Falade will be opening a COBS Bread bakery in Calgary's beloved Kensington neighbourhood. 

The Falade family had been constant patrons of COBS Bread products. They feel passionately about the bread and the opportunity to share it with the Kensington community. Read a little bit more about Ola and Nike in this edition of Behind the Bread!

What inspired you to do join the COBS Bread family?

For at least five years prior to our decision to become COBS Bread bakery owners, we were ardent customers of COBS Bread. Over the years, we have thoroughly enjoyed the products that are baked fresh every day. Seeing, and tasting, how good they are convinced us to take our COBS Bread experience to the next level- from customer, to franchisees!

What did you do before working at COBS? 

Ola is an Engineer who has worked for more than 20 years in the Energy industry across multiple continents. Nike is an Architect by training and practice. Later, she transitioned into a new role as a stay-at-home mum in order to raise our three children. We have been settled and been living in Calgary for the past 6 years.

What do you enjoy the most about becoming a Franchisee

The fact that we can run our own business with a proven brand name that is founded on unique and healthy products and a most supportive organisation at the back end who is committed to our success.

Which charities will your bakery donate end of day products to? 

We are excited to donate our End of Day products to the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association, Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter, Breakfast Club of James Fowler High School, Catherine Nichols Gunn School, Queen Elizabeth High School and other local charities. 

How are you planning on getting involved with the Kensington community

We will help Bake Sales and Dough and Bread Fundraisers [see our Dough Raiserprogram]. We will also help and support community events and local charities. 

A little more about …

What do you like to do in your spare time? Nike enjoys reading and watching movies. Ola likes to play golf. As a family, we also enjoy indulging in a delicious meal with friends.

COBS Bread Kensington will open on Wednesday, October 12th for Community Day, where sales from the day will be donated to Alberta Cancer Foundation

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