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Beyond Sausage® Vegetarian Hot Dog Recipe

Time: 15-30 Minutes Serves: 2

Indulge in the ultimate treat with our delicious veggie hot dog recipe. Loaded with flavour, vegetables, and toppings, our Beyond Sausage® Vegetarian Hot Dog on our Gourmet Hot Dog Bun might just top the list of best veggie hot dogs. Just as tasty and satisfying as their meaty counterparts, this recipe is also a great way to use up any veggies you might have floating around at the end of the week or a yummy way to sneak them in for your kids.

Beyond Sausage Vegetarian Hot Dog Recipe FAQ

What do veggie dogs taste like?

Veggie hot dogs generally try to replicate the flavour and texture of traditional meat-based hot dogs, while being entirely plant-based. The taste of veggie dogs will vary depending on the recipe and ingredients used. Some can have a smoky taste, while others can be sweet depending on the seasonings used. 

Are veggie hot dogs healthy? 

Veggie hot dogs can be a healthier choice as part of a balanced diet, but their nutritional value may vary depending on the ingredients used. While they can be a good source of plant-based protein, it’s still important to read the ingredient list and be mindful of additives and sodium levels.

What is a vegan alternative to hotdogs?

Vegan hot dogs are plant-based alternatives made from ingredients like soy or wheat protein. These alternatives cater to the needs of individuals who prefer to avoid animal products while still enjoying the taste and experience of a classic hot dog.

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