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Lamb Burger Recipe

Time: 15-30 Minutes Serves: 4

Try something new for your next burger night, and impress your loved ones with this Mediterranean inspired lamb burger. Every bite of this recipe is full of a succulent patty and mouth watering lamb burger toppings. The secret is to make sure you’re using the freshest ingredients.

We’ve elevated this burger by using our Herb & Garlic Gourmet Hamburger Buns. Enticed with the rich flavours of fresh herbs and garlic, it might just become one of your regulars!

Lamb Burger Recipe FAQ

Why do my lamb burgers fall apart?

Lamb burgers can fall apart for a handful of reasons including the handling of the mixture, lack of binding ingredients and how you cook them. To help keep your burger together, ensure you use a binding ingredient like eggs or breadcrumbs and make sure you aren’t flipping them too frequently. 

What goes best with lamb burgers?

Lamb burgers truly shine when paired with a medley of complementary flavors. Mint sauce or mint yogurt brings a refreshing touch, while caramelized onions add sweetness and depth. Tangy feta cheese and creamy tzatziki sauce contribute savory notes.

How long does it take to cook lamb burgers?

The cooking time for lamb burgers can vary depending on the thickness of the patties and your desired level of doneness. Lamb burgers are typically cooked for about 4 to 5 minutes per side on a preheated grill or stovetop pan over medium-high heat.