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Pumpkin French Toast Recipe

Time: Less than 15 Mins Serves: 4

With the mornings feeling cooler, we think it’s time to cozy up with this delicious Pumpkin French Toast. Made with pumpkin puree and pumpkin spice, this french toast recipe is the perfect light and fall flavoured breakfast. Host on Thanksgiving, or make yourself a special breakfast on a lazy weekend. Serve it using our Higher Fibre Loaf, soaking up all of that goodness and top with maple syrup or your choice of toppings.  Hot tip: Go for a thick sliced Higher Fibre Loaf to make sure you soak up all the French Toast batter.

Pumpkin French Toast Recipe FAQ

What is the trick to not making soggy French toast?

The trick to making sure your French toast doesn’t go soggy lies in your method and the balance of ingredients. Make sure you choose the right bread (like our Higher Fibre Loaf) and cut the bread into thicker slices. You’ll also want to  soak the bread for 30 seconds on each side, making sure to coat the bread without drowning it in batter.

What is the best bread for French toast?

The best bread for French toast is usually thick sliced Higher Fibre Loaf or Challah Bread tend to stand as the top choices. They offer a wonderful combination of tender crumb and a slightly sweet, buttery taste making them ideal for a French Toast.

What toppings go on French toast?

A variety of delicious toppings include fresh fruits like strawberries and blueberries, classic maple syrup, powdered sugar, whipped cream, Nutella for a decadent treat, cinnamon for warmth, honey for natural sweetness, and fresh herbs like mint or basil for a refreshing twist.